About Me

DevOps Engineer with a background designing, testing and implementing infrastructure and applications. Proficient in Python, AWS, Jenkins, Unix Shell with experience in JavaScript & HTML5, Java, Objective-C and many variants of SQL (currently diving into NoSQL). Ability to learn new languages and technologies quickly - if there's a free and open-source tool to get a job done, you can bet I will find it, learn it, and use it. Firm believer in Agile Methodologies & CI/CD. Pursuing AWS Solutions Architect Certification with anticipated completion November 2018 - particularly focused in serverless architecture design patterns and strategies for building high-performance, cost-efficient systems in the cloud(s).


University of Iowa

Computer Science & Economics 2009 - 2014

I double majored in Computer Science & Economics at the University of Iowa. I worked as an ITS-Helpdesk Consultant from 2012-2014. Almost all of my CS coursework projects can be found in my GitHub profile. Languages include Java, Scala, Objective-C, Python, Agda, HTML/JS/CSS. I was also a recipient of the University of Iowa National Scholars Award.


Athena Bitcoin Inc.

DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Software Developer May 2018 - Present

We own and operate an international network of cryptocurrency ATM's, as well as - one of the world's largest P2P cryptocurrency exchanges. We also provide liquidity services for institutional investors and individuals

AlphaCoin Capital LLC

Founder, Managing PartnerMay 2017 - October 2018

I founded a Cryptocurrency Investment Firm in early 2017. I have been interested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency since 2014-2015. The thesis for the fund was long-only protocol investing driven by fundamental research. We launched with 6 General Partners, 3 Limited Partners and $409k AUM. It did not turn out as I had hoped, but I learned a ton

Common Goal Systems Inc.

QA & Systems Engineer June 2014 - June 2017

I worked as a QA Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Client-Facing Senior IT-Analyst. Common Goal Systems is the creator of TeacherEase and SchoolInsight - Cloud-Based Gradebook and Student Management Software



Open Source 2018

iOS application (iPhone app) written in Objective-C; Plots ATM Locations on map using Maps SDK, Cocoa, Xcode. You can build and deploy it on an iOS device.


Open Source 2016 - 2018

Web Application written in Python that scrapes sabermetric baseball data from This project was previously hosted at but I've taken it down to improve it. Was previously powered by the Django framework, but the plan is to migrate to Python Tornado.


Open Source2017

Sample market making bot written in Python that uses API to execute conditional trades and acts as a market maker (liquidity provider). | Forked from


Open Source2017

$DASH is a cryptocurrency, this repository contains analysis I did in an attempt to assess the fundamental value of the protocol.


Open Source2018

Source Code for this website | Forked from | Javascript (jQuery), HTML5, CSS | Hosted on an AWS Linux EC2 instance running Apache.


Main Skills

  • Python
  • AWS
  • Scripting
  • CI/CD
  • Javascript
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile